PTUZ To Receive Funding With Caution

The Professional Teachers Union of Zambia PTUZ says teacher unions will receive the 10 billion Kwacha disbursed towards dismantling of teachers arrears with caution. However, PTUZ has demanded that the money be paid to teachers immediately saying the arrears have been long over due. Speaking in an interview, PTUZ Secretary General Kangwa Musenga further demands […]

Elder Bro : Patrick Should Have Consulted Us

FORMER republican President Levy Mwanawasa’s eldest son Patrick’s brother, Paul, says his sibling should have consulted the family before joining the Patriotic Front (PF) because its president, Michael Sata, was hostile towards their father when he was alive. And MMD women have urged Patrick Mwanawasa to respect President Banda, First Lady Thandiwe and elders. Paul […]

EAZ To Carry Out Debates Among Political Parties

The Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) has announced that starting next week; it will host a series of debates among political parties at aimed at helping them present their economic and social policies. EAZ president Isaac Ngoma announced at a media briefing held at the Golden bridge hotel in Lusaka. Mr. Ngoma says the debates […]

Nakonde Border Post Closed As Strike Persists

The Nakonde border in Northern Province has been temporarily closed following a strike action by striking Tanzanian truck drivers who became violent this morning. There was tension at the border post as the irate drivers ran amok bringing business at both Tunduma and Nakonde border to a stand still. They also attempted to set on […]

Arab Spring Spreads To Malawi

Riots have broken out in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, as opposition groups protest against President Bingu wa Mutharikas government. The BBCs Joel Nkhoma in the city says protesters are burning barricades and have looted at least two businesses. Police have retaliated by setting up roadblocks and firing teargas. The trouble started after a court ruled on […]

MMD Cadres In Kitwe Protest Over The Adoption Of PF ‘Rebel’ Councillor Divo Katete

Movement for Multiparty for Democracy (MMD) cadres in Nkana constituency mid morning protested in Kitwes Buchi area demanding an answer from MMD authorities on why they decided to adopt Patriotic Front rebel councillor Divo Katete on the MMD Nkana constituency ticket leaving out former Nkana constituency Member of Parliament George Chilumanda whom they wanted. Sources […]

2009 Budget And Expenditure Tracking Survey Reveals Inadequacies In Education And Health Sectors On The Copperbelt

The 2009 Budget and Expenditure Tracking Survey (BETS) has revealed a number of inadequacies in both the education and health sector on the Copperbelt province.In the health sector, of the six health institutions covered only two in Mufulira (Mokambo and Kawama West) have no maternity wards as a result, cases are conducted in isolation rooms […]

Mulongoti : MMD Candidates Are Walkovers

Former MMD chairperson for elections Mike Mulongoti says the adopted MMD parliamentary candidates in Lusaka have guaranteed the opposition outright victory. Mr. Mulongoti says the MMD adopted candidates have an uphill battle to convince the people to vote for them. He describes some of the adopted parliamentary candidates as walkovers incapable of winning an election. […]

Rev Mba’o : Politics Of Deceit And Manipulation Is The Root Cause Of Poverty And Underdevelopment In Zambia

POLITICS of deceit and manipulation is the root cause of poverty and underdevelopment in Zambia, says reverand Mb’ao. In an interview, rev Mba’o who is Pastors forum For Eastern And Southern Africa Chairperson, said Zambians must vote for leaders that would spearhead good governance and heed peoples cries over the constitution. “What Zambia needs is […]