Freedom In Africa 2011 Index

Trend Country Political Rights Civil Liberties Status Angola 6 5 Not Free Benin 2 2 Free Botswana 3 2 Free Burkina Faso 5 3 Partly Free Burundi 5 5 Partly Free Cameroon 6 6 Not Free Cape Verde 1 1 Free Central African Rep. 5 5 Partly Free Chad 7 6 Not Free Comoros 3 […]

Zambian People’s Pact Is An Extension Of The PF – CC

The Committee of Citizens says it is disappointed with some Non Governmental Organizations that are championing the change of government. And Committee of Citizens Executive Director Gregory Chifire has charged that the Peoples Pact is an extension of the opposition Patriotic Front. Mr. Chifire says it is wrong to call for a change of government […]

PF Youths Implored To Remain Calm And Embrace Adoption Process

Former Patriotic Front National Youth Secretary Eric Chanda has urged Patriotic Front Youths countrywide to remain calm, united and support the adoption process of parliamentary and local government candidates for the forth coming general elections. Chanda says not all preferred candidates shall be adopted hence the youths should rally behind the party and campaign for […]

Simataa Simataa Endorse RB For Presidency

Football Association Of Zambia (FAZ) ‘Rebel’ Simataa Simataa has endorsed the candidature of MMD Presidential candidate President Ruphia Banda. Simataa Simataa is a PF member. Meanwhile, a cross section of the PF leadership have since castigated Simataa’s remarks and questioned his membership. Simaata Simaata wants RB re-elected this year. “I personaly hope he (RB) gets […]

Five die in Lusaka bus accident

Five passengers died and several others were injured in a bus accident that happened on Kafue road in Lusaka’s Chilanga area last evening. The bus coming from Zimbabwe flipped after it tried to avoid an on coming truck that is said to have been using a wrong lane. The accident happened near mimosa in Chilanga […]

Sayifwanda : Blame Women For Their Few Adoptions

MMD Zambezi East Member of Parliament Sara Sayifwanda says the adoption of few women as candidates for the forthcoming general elections should not be blamed on the party. Ms. Sayifwanda, who is also gender and women in development minister, says it is unfortunate that women did not spread to contest in other constituencies in the […]

Sichinga : MMD Members Are Frustrated With RB’s Leadership

Economic consultant Bob Sichinga says that a number of MMD members are currently uncomfortable with the type of leadership being exhibited in the ruling party. Mr. Sichinga says that a number of the MMD members have observed that the party is not what it was in the past. He says that the MMD will see […]

Chilumanda : I will Remain Loyal To The MMD

Former Sports Minister in the Chiluba Regime George Chilumanda has vowed to remain loyal to the MMD despite not being adopted as Nkana constituency parliamentary candidate. Mr. Chilumanda says he will respect the decision and structures of the MMD in its selection process of parliamentary and local government candidates. Speaking in an interview this morning, […]

Draw Lessons From Malawi Protests-Zambians Urged

The Zambian Peoples Pact says Zambia should draw lessons from protests in Malawi arising from the economic crisis in that country. Interim Chairperson for Mobilization Peter Sinkamba notes that to prevent upheavals, governments in Africa and alike should run policies that are favourable to its people. He cites the unfavorable conditions that Zambian workers are […]