Youth Redemption Forum Defends Patrick Mwanawasa

The Youth Redemption Forum has come to the defence of Patrick Mwanawasa following his description of President Rupiah Banda as stubborn.And the Forum has vowed to campaign for youths that will show interest to participate in this years presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government elections. Forum Executive Director Davis Munina says Patrick Mwanawasa has the right […]

Kabimba : Stop Abusing The Public Media

Patriotic Front Spokesperson Winter Kabimba has urged the MMD government to start financing the Public media if they want to be covered exclusively. MMD Spokesperson Dora Siliya has been quoted saying this is the time for the ruling MMD to be exclusively covered on ZNBC television because even when PF leader Michael Sata comes into […]

KATELE : All Those Ditching MMD Will Regret

CHIENGI member of Parliament Katele Kalumba has warned that the few ‘treacherous’ individuals who are still scheming to resign from the MMD will live to regret because President Banda and the MMD still enjoy public confidence. Dr Kalumba, who is former MMD national secretary, said in an interview from Chiengi yesterday that Zambians are too […]

NAREP : LAZ President Should Not Resign

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) has expressed disappointment with calls for Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president Musa Mwenye to step down. Speaking with Qfm, NAREP Secretary General John Phiri says his party is ready to organize peaceful demonstrations in support of Mr. Mwenye. Mr. Phiri says people should not demonize the LAZ president for […]

Sata : RB Will Be Fired This Year By Zambians

Rupoiah Banda is going to be fired this year because he has failed, says PF Leadrer Micheal Sata. Featuring on Breeze FM’s political hour programme yesterday, Sata said the diference between President Banda and him was that he had never been fired in life. “The difference between Comrade Banda and I, is that I have […]

There Will Be Trouble If Zambians Fail To Change Government

Kanyama Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Colonel Gerry Chanda has observed that the country will be in big trouble should Zambians fail to change government in the forthcoming general elections. Mr. Chanda says people in his area have for a long time suffered due to the negligence of the ruling MMD. Mr. Chanda says as […]

LAZ Will Not Respond To Siulapwa Allegations – Mwenye

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) President Musa Mwenye says the association will not respond to allegations that the association is compromised. Mr. Mwenye was responding to New Generation Party president Humphrey Siulapwa who has called for the resignation of LAZ president Muse Mwenya alleging that he has compromised the Association. And Mr. Mwenye in […]

MMD Advises PF Not To Be Cheated Into Thinking It Has Gained Popularity

The ruling Movement for Multi- party Democracy MMD in Kitwe has advised the opposition Patriotic Front not to cheat themselves that they are gaining popularity in the countrys nine provinces. District chairperson George Lungu told Flava Fm News that the PF will be shocked at the MMDs popularity come 2011 elections. He says unlike the […]

Kamanga : No Amount Of Intimidation Will Stop Me From Executing My Mayoral Duties

Kitwe Mayor Elias Kamanga said no amount of intimidation will stop him from carrying out his mayoral duties. And Councilor Kamanga has expressed interest to contest the Kamfinsa parliamentary seat on the Patriotic Front ticket. Councilor Kamanga has also accused MMD Copperbelt Task force chairman Joe Malanji of frustrating the efforts of the office of […]

Kabimba: Advisors Have Embarrassed RB On Maamba Houses Sale

Wynter Kabimba says President Rupiah Banda has been embarrassed by his own advisors on the Maamba Colliery houses sale issue. Kabimba in an interview said it was becoming difficult for anyone to trust President Banda’s pronouncements since he himself did not know what went on in his government. “Does he really understand what’s going on […]