A recent survey carried out by a London based condom manufacturer, Durex, has ranked Nigerian women as the most unfaithful in the World. Malaysians are ranked third in the world for being the most unfaithful partner, reported China Press. According to a survey, 33 percent of Malaysian men admitted that they were unfaithful to their […]

Avoid Biscuits To Prevent Womb Cancer

The 10-year study that looked at the eating habits of more than 60,000 women in Sweden found that those who treated themselves two to three times a week were 33 per cent more likely to suffer the disease. It also found that the risk of developing a tumour jumped by 42 per cent among those […]

Drink Beer For A Healthy Heart

Drink Beer For A Healthy Heart

Beer drinkers have something to cheer about if a recent report is to be believed: The consumption of beer in moderate quantities (that means one to two glasses only!) could reduce the risk of heart disease. The findings are based on a meta-analysis of several different studies conducted worldwide from over 200,000 people’s drinking habits, […]

Zambia’s Top 5 Highest Rated Artists

Zambia’s Top 5 Highest Rated Artists

The following is a list of top 5 most rated Zambian artists from a survey that was carried out by  EZM Magazine. According to the magazine there are a number of   talented Artists who are doing very well and this is a list of top 5 highest  rated artists according to the votes they received. […]

AFRICA’s TOP 10 Richest Men, HH Misses Out

The Forbes 2011 Billionaires List was recently released and Tumfweko takes a look at the top ten richest Africans. Surprisingly missing on the list is Zambia’s ‘richest’, Hakainde Hichilema. This week Forbes brought out its first-ever list of the 40 Richest People in Africa, justifying it as “testament to the growing global importance of the continent”. […]



ZAMBIA export to Demark Douglas Muma Mumbi popularly known as NJONGINJO in the Zambian theatre circles has described his current outing to Denmark as successful; he is featuring in a play FATA MORGANA. FATA MORGANA is a minimalist drama about the survival a Black and white man, set in an African desert. One character strikingly […]

50 Cent Writes Book To Inspire CHILDREN

50 Cent’s son has inspired his new anti-bullying book ‘Playground’. 50 Cent said “I was inspired to write this project based on a conversation with my son” The ‘In Da Club’ hitmaker – whose real name is Curtis Jackson – got the idea to write the tome after talking to 14-year-old Marquise Jackson about incidents […]

WORLD Most EXPENSIVE Cars : TOP 10 List 2011/2012

What is the most expensive car in the world? The 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe was sold for $8,700,000 in 1987. However, that car and many alike will not be included in this list because it is not available on the market today. It is hard to imagine someone would actually spend 8 million dollars […]

What Is RIHANNA Doing? Controversial Photo That Will Make Men Go MAD

Rihanna’s personal assistant seems to do more than her attributions. According to rumors circulating in the tabloids, the twosome seem to be… more than friends (see photos below).There is also evidence to demonstrate this: Rihanna and her assistant were spotted kissing each other on a yacht at a party and now in the photograph below, […]

GENEVIEVE, Two Other Nollywood Stars To Date Zambia

NIGERIA’s Multi-award winning and best paid actress Genevieve Nnaji together with two other Nollywood stars Kainde Bankole from Super story and producer Stella Abiola are to grace this year’s National Association of Media Arts (NAMA) special night dubbed NAMA Remembers night at Lusaka’s Golden Bridge hotel. This is in memory of great Zambian artists who […]