Never Marry A Waitress

By Bob Tumwesigye About 80% of the waitresses I have seen in several happening places are hot. They ooze sex all the way and a mere glance at them can make even the Pope denounce his celibacy vows. They have this body that kills you softly by making you ‘release’ the missile even before you […]

Never Marry A Secretary

By Bob Secretaries play an imperative role in any organisation. They are responsible for the smooth running of the secretarial and clerical duties; they make and cancel appointments for their boss, handle telephone calls and pass on the relevant information to the concerned authorities. Most secretaries are gorgeous and nice looking. They have this body […]

Doggy Is For Insecure Guys Who Enjoy Demeaning Babes!

It’s not only how often we have sex that matters, but how we have sex that helps define our manhood. Some men like it fast and hard, while others like it slow and soft. Regardless of our personal preference, the way we bonk does more than determine the time it takes for us to get […]

Top 5 accommodations to consider for your honeymoon

1.Tongabezi Lodge This is one of the most  romantic hideaway on the banks of the Zambezi River just upstream of Victoria Falls. It has honeymoon houses and cotteach beautifully styled with furniture and embellishments from all over Africa. 5.Livingsone Safari 4. Kariba inns Lodge 3. Kazmein lodge 2. Stanley Safari Lodge  

Nigerian sex movie “Dirty Secrets” trailer

It is official. Nigerians have at long last joined the race to turn our beloved African movies into porn. Like a little fire, it started in Ghana and now it has gotten to Lagos. We extremely shocked at Nigeria’s sudden affiliation to the whole soft porn syndrome. Most Nigerians were insolent to the emerging Ghanaian […]

Five friends one shouldn’t have

1.Plushy Posh This type of friend always looks great, drives expensive cars, has the most expensive phones and dresses like they own Louis Vuitton. He/she always makes you feel more inferior than you should be. Mike Posner knew exactly what I’m talking about when he sang “cooler than me”Hanging around such people brings down your […]

Openly gay!

It seems the number of gays is rapidly and openly rising in Zambia, this is one of the photos a girl uploaded on her facebook profile. without any shame.

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