MEN Reveal Their TOP Kissing TIPS

Most guys just don’t realize how important that first kiss is to woman. Well, this should give you an idea: When you kiss a woman for the first time, she decides right then and there if she ever wants to kiss you again. Use these 10 tips to be sure you always leave her begging […]

Ways To Be ROMANTIC For Your MAN

    Some romantic gestures that you would enjoy can freak your man out. He loves you, but he doesn’t necessarily want rose petals on the bed. More laid-back and thoughtful gestures of affection will be better received by your man. You can be romantic and show him you love him without being cliche and […]

WOMAN With 2 VAGINAS Gets $1 Million Porn Offer To Make MOVIE

A British woman who’s become a celebrity in the U.K. because she was born with two fully formed vaginas may finally be able to cash in on her crotch … TMZ has learned she’s just been offered $1 MILLION to bone on camera. Her name is Hazel Jones — and the 27-year-old beauty has been […]


I always dreamed of having a family. It was one of my hopes for the future when Dennis and I were engaged and newly married. And of course, my dreams were only about good, peaceful, happy times with children who loved and obeyed their parents. I was unprepared for the perpetual demands parenting would require […]

MTN Subscriber Scoops One Billion Kwacha

A Livingstone MTN subscriber has become One Billion Kwacha richer after scooping the top prize in the MTN summer campaign. Namuchana Sinuma of Danbwa North Extension in Livingstone is the winner of the grand prize of the just ended MTN summer campaign. MTN Chief Marketing Officer, Ernst Fonternel, who handed over the prize, says the […]

THINGS You Should Do If Your Husband Is CHEATING

  Married women need to understand that whether or not their husband cheats is out of their control. The most that they can do is to cultivate the relationship with their husband, be the best person that they can be and know how to handle themselves if an affair does happen. Seek Support Discovering your […]


Most guys are not shy about letting a woman know when they’re ready for action. But men tell us all the time that there are few things hotter than a woman who initiates a hookup. So, learn to read his in-the-mood signals (in some cases, before he even realizes it), with the help of Janine […]


Overview Relationships go though plenty of ups and downs, and couples may experience times when they neglect each other or forget to do those little things that make each other happy. A variety of external factors, such as job stress and money issues, can also cause a person to feel down in the dumps. If […]


The truest statement in the history of relationships regarding whether you should propose or not is also the most vague: “When you know, you know.” Guys in great relationships or happy marriages know exactly what it means. It means: “I can’t explain it; I just know that when I look at my wife, she’s the […]