It is unfortunate thinking for people like Michael Kaingu who has failed to put his house in order to say the list to suggest that the former ruling party will make the government ‘s life difficult. Our advice to Mr. Kaingu its first for him to look after his family and educate his Children about […]

Government Assetss Sold Off? By Who?

Dear Editor, As alot of things have changed and the PF government has taken over and reversed some of the sales which were effected by the previous  corrupt regime. One thing is still not being answered as  in the assets of these companies which were sold off. For example  the former headquarters building for Zamtel […]

Ba HH a UPND, Mwacita Cintu Cibotu Ku Mufumbwe

Ba HH a UPND, Mwacita Cintu Cibotu Ku Mufumbwe

By Sishuwa Sishuwa Last week, the United Party for National Development (UPND) resolved not to field a candidate in the forthcoming Mufumbwe parliamentary by-election, slated for November 8, in support of its loose alliance partner, the MMD. Although a common candidate does not guarantee victory to the opposition alliance, the move by the country’s third […]

UNEARTHED: Fear Grips UPND, MPs Plan To Poison HH

UNEARTHED: Fear Grips UPND, MPs Plan To Poison HH

A PLOY has been unearthed in which some named opposition United Party for National Development [UPND] Members of Parliament are scheming to poison its leader Hakainde Hichilema, sources have exclusively revealed to Tumfweko. Sources revealed to Tumfweko that some named Members of Parliament within the UPND and closer to Hakainde Hichilema feel they may not […]

Who’s a Tribalist? Why We Need An Honest Debate On Tribalism

Dear Editor, In “The night without a President,” veteran politician Sikota Wina’s shows how tribalism almost destroyed the new independent nation of Zambia in the late 1960s; forcing President Kaunda to resign for a night. If Kaunda and his friends thought that they had resolved the issue of tribalism then, they were wrong. Today, churches […]

ZAMCOM Workers GO ‘HUNGRY’ For 5 Months Without Pay

Dear Editor, Ref: ZAMCOM WORKERS GO HUNGRY FOR FIVE MONTHS Reference is made above. ZAMCOM workers have gone for five months without salaries. What is surprising is that during this period, our new Director has been paying himself his salary and all his allowances. Our new Director, Mr. Oliver Kanene, who is only six months […]