Low Taxes Is Our Agenda-Silumbe

*PRESS STATEMENT* –Lusaka 19th January, 2020   The Leadership Movement will reduce the toll gates fees and Market Levy in 2021 and our party shall empower the locals in the business community. We shall treat the Private Sector with respect as they are a number one true Partner of any Government in the World. As […]

Statement On Pres. Lungu’s Commitment To Improve The People Of Western Province’s Welfare

January 18, 2020 Zambian DNA has noted that President Edgar Lungu and his Government is concerned and committed to improving the people of Western Province’s livelihood. President Lungu’s desire to take the Multi-million dollar solar energy project, Cashew nut Development project and many others to Western Province underscores PF government’s commitment to create not only […]

Appoint WARMA Board For Coodinated Intervention On Underground Water Contamination

By Francis Kope Zambian capital city Lusaka has for many years experienced floods which have posed threat on underground water. Last week several houses collapse due to heavy down pour and hospitals such as Chipata level 1 were not spared resulting into patients transfered to other hospitals. Apart from the Zambian government expressing regret on […]

Statement On The Expanding Democratic Space In Zambis

January 14, 2020   Zambian DNA has noted that Zambia is one of the few democratic countries in Africa where citizens enjoy their fundamental human rights. Indeed, the democratic space has continued to expand given the citizens’ freedom to express their views freely on critical governance issues. Zambians also enjoy freedom of expression and the […]

Statement On The Baseless Call For Early Polls

January 12,2020 Zambian DNA has noted that calls by some section of society for early polls are baseless as there is no need for President Edgar Lungu to cut his five-year term mandate to govern short because the Head of State has exhibited exemplary leadership qualities. We are aware that President Lungu’s five-year mandate expires […]

Statement On The Role Of Opposition In A Democracy

Zambian DNA laments over the opposition’s perpetual blame game on those in power instead of providing alternative solutions to the country’s challenges. We are of the view that any credible opposition political party should strive to provide alternative solutions to  challenges the country is face with unlike the current scenario where opposition are criticizing Government […]

Statement On Pres. Lungu’s Quest To Improve The Zambian People Welfare

Zambian DNA has noted that whilst President Edgar Lungu is busy commissioning various developmental projects such as Sunbird Bioenergy Africa project, including projects in Southern Province’s Dundumwezi (where he got few votes) in this short period of time he has been in office, opposition leaders have gone on the rampage to distract him from doing […]

Pres. Lungu Sets The Tone In 2021 For Uniting The Nation

January 2, 2020 Zambian DNA commends President Edgar Lungu for setting the tone in 2020 by not only pulling down political barriers that divide the nation, preaching love and peace in both private and public fora, but also for unveiling an all-inclusive development agenda. Indeed, unity is strength through which we can together regardless of […]

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