Shimunza Mourns Levy

    More have continued paying tribute to the great son of Zambian politics late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. Below is a statement from Movement for Economic Transformation (MNT) leader Daniel Shimunza. The Movement for National Transformation (MNT) shares our heartfelt fond memories of the late Republican President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa Sc. We are all victims […]

HH’s Freedom Cheers Patricia Scotland

I am delighted to learn that Zambia’s Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has today entered a nolle prosequi in the treason case involving Mr Hakainde Hichilema, leader of the United Party for National Development (UPND), Zambia’s main opposition political party. The DPP’s decision to issue a nolle prosequi in the case against Mr Hichilema is […]


It is unfortunate thinking for people like Michael Kaingu who has failed to put his house in order to say the list to suggest that the former ruling party will make the government ‘s life difficult. Our advice to Mr. Kaingu its first for him to look after his family and educate his Children about […]


Good day Editor, We wish through your media to congratulate the technical committe on the constitution for finally giving the Zambians a taste of what the constitution should constist of, based on the main review commisions that we have had in the past. It indeed gives some indication of the governments committment to facilitating a people driven […]

Notice of Cessation of Refugee Status for Angolan Refugees

REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS Notice of Cessation of Refugee Status for Angolan Refugees 1. Since the end of the civil war in Angola in April 2002, over 180,000 Angolan refugees have voluntarily and safely returned to and reintegrated in their country of origin. Today, only some 23,000 Angolan refugees remain registered in […]

Livingstone Tour Operators Appeal To President Sata

H.E. Mr. M.C. SATA President of the Republic of Zambia STATE HO– USE LUSAKA Dear Your Excellence, Ref: CONCERN WITH TOURISM DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT IN ZAMBIA. Sir, without wasting much of your time we the tourism community in Livingstone, are so concerned and worried on how tourism has/is been handled in this country and particularly […]

Governance Challenges Revealed By Barotse National Council (BNC)

By Maurice Makalu Putting aside the secession controversies generated by the BNC resolutions, the gathering itself and the position it purports to hold in the governance and representation of the people of Western Province have crystallized two governance challenges that Zambia, as a democracy, faces: parallel leadership structures and tribal integration. a. Parallel Leadership Structures […]

ZAMBIANS Speak Out: AIRTEL Zambia Is Pathetic, Thieves

ZAMBIANS Speak Out: AIRTEL Zambia Is Pathetic, Thieves

ZAMBIANS across the country have described mobile telecommunications company AIRTEL’s operations and services as pathetic and expensive for nothing. This revelation follows a Tumfweko survey conducted across the country on the company’s operations and its general assessment both on the ground and through its facebook official page. The Zambian people are not happy with the […]

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