Statement On Pres. Lungu’s Commitment To Improve Zambians’ Welfare

June 28, 2020 It’s gratifying to note that President Edgar Lungu has demonstrated a tacit commitment to improve the Zambian people’s welfare. Indeed, President Lungu, during these few years he has been in power, has introduced many citizens’ empowerment initiatives, including the Youth empowerment Fund and Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund. In fact, the Head of […]

Nkana Constituency Residents Rise Against Area MP Chiteme

Nkana Constituency Residents Rise Against Area MP Chiteme

Nkana constituency residents rose against their area Member of Parliament this afternoon at Insomia where the area MP invited people from the constituency to collect mealimeal and some handouts as area Member of Parliament is now panicking ahead of the general elections next year because he is guilty that he has not delivered and now […]

NDC Youths Remain Coy Over PF Lirs & Continued Politicking

NDC Youths Remain Coy Over PF Lirs & Continued Politicking

The *National Democratic Congress Party* NDC youth’s on the Copperbelt are disturbed at the continued lies of the PF concerning Youth empowerment. We note that the PF leadership dont mean well and the setting aside of K30 million towards Youth empowerment is a mere joke. The call youths have been making goes beyond empowerment we […]

Statement On Pres. Lungu’s Commitment To Improve Youths’ Welfare

June 24, 2020 Zambian DNA welcomes President Edgar Lungu’s directive to the relevant Ministries to address the youth‘s plight in an effort to improve their welfare. Indeed, the Republican President‘s directive to the relevant Ministries demonstrates Government‘s commitment to improve the youth’s welfare, and address their plight.  We expect the youth to utilize the established […]

Statement On Why MPs Should Support Bill 10

June 22, 2020 It’s now abundantly clear that those opposed to Bill 10 are not only unpatriotic, but have also exposed their selfish interests, and do not mean well for the country. It’s obvious that Bill 10 once enacted into law will help address many critical issues and improve the welfare of the Zambian people. […]

Statement On The Need To Respect Pres. Lungu

June 19, 2020 PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu deserves respect from every citizen regardless of their ethnic background, political or religious affiliation. It’s worth noting that respect is both a virtue and value everyone must strive to practice. Disrespect of national leaders and elderly in society is not only alien to the African culture, unZambian, but also […]

MNT Regrets Commercialisation Of Zambian Politics

——- As Movement for National Transformation (MNT), we condemn in the strongest sense , the commercialisation of Politics. It is not only the rich that must lead. Even the poor have leadership qualities at various levels. We want youths and women to participate in national decision making processes. The rich stole in privatisation at the […]

Statement On Zambian Ranking As the Most Peaceful Nation

Zambian DNA welcomes the Institute of Economics and Peace for ranking Zambia as the fourth most peaceful nation in Africa and 44th in the world in  its 14 the edition  of the Global peace index. Indeed, Zambia’s ranking is highly attributable to President Edgar Lungu’ s leadership of inclusiveness that embraces everyone regardless of their […]