Lubinda : PF To Lower Taxes By Job Creation

Kabwata Patriotic Front aspiring candidate Given Lubinda has stated that his party will be able to minimize taxes because it will provide more jobs to youths in the country. Mr. Lubinda says once youths are provided with job opportunities, employees will not be expected to pay increased taxes as they will be a lot of […]

MMD ‘Refutes’ Kawambwa Voters Intimidation Report

The ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has refuted reports that it is intimidating rural voters in Kawambwa district of Luapula province ahead of the elections. On Thursday, the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) confirmed receiving reports of MMD officials threatening electorates in the area that they establish who they will vote for on 20th […]

Namulambe : Lusaka Is Now MMD Stronghold

MMD chairman for elections Gabriel Namulambe says the opposition Patriotic Front should not deceive itself that Lusaka is its stronghold. Mr. Namulambe says the perception by the PF based on the last election does not reflect the current situation. Mr. Namulambe says the Patriotic Front will be shocked to see how the MMD has managed […]

Mpombo : Political Environment Favors PF To Win

Former Kafulafuta Member of Parliament George Mpombo has reiterated that the prevailing political environment in the country favours the Patriotic Front to win this year’s elections. Mr. Mpombo has predicted that President Banda will lose the election to PF leader Michael Sata by between 5 to 15 percent. He adds that the MMD presidential candidate […]

Milupi Notes Gross Human Rights Violations

Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) leader Charles Milupi has observed that the country has experienced gross human rights violations over the years which have had a negative impact on society. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Qfm, Mr. Milupi says even the political violence that is currently prevailing on the political scene is as […]

PF Pledges To Ensure Zambians Benefit From Mines

The Patriotic Front has pledged to ensure that Zambians benefit from the rich mineral resources the country is endowed with. PF representative Bob Sichinga says the PF in government will not allow a situation where the country’s mineral resource does not benefit the Zambian people. Mr. Sichinga the PF will relook at the taxation system […]

Am Winning The Elections Says HH

United party for national development UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has expressed confidence that his party will win this years elections. Mr. Hichilema says that the campaign strategy that his party has undertaken is working to the advantage of the party. Mr. Hichilema says that even though some media organizations have resolved not to cover his […]

Heritage Party Leader Urges Critics Not To Discourage Him

Heritage Party Leader Urges Critics Not To Discourage Him

Heritage Party president Godfrey Miyanda has urged his critics NOT to discourage him from pursuing his dream of becoming Zambia’s president. Brigadier General Miyanda says despite his unpopularity in past elections, his love for Zambia and respect for law gives him the strength to go on in a competitive political atmosphere. He says he is […]

MMD’s William Banda Condemns PF’s Incitement Of Violence

The MMD in Lusaka province has condemned the PF for allegedly encouraging its members to retaliate when provoked by political opponents. Lusaka MMD provincial Strongman, William Banda has also refuted allegations that the MMD cadres were on Sunday this week assigned to disrupt the PF rally at Kamwala area. Mr. Banda has noted that the […]

Gen Miyanda : I Almost Quit Politics Last Year

Heritage Party Strongman and leader, Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda, has likened the dishing out of money by certain political parties in the ongoing campaigns to scenes of throwing money in Nigerian movies. Speaking when he featured on qfm radio’s Public’s Last Say last evening, General Miyanda notes with sadness the use of financial muscle by […]