Jay Brown Drops Political Bomshel

Joseph Banda, aka Jay Brown is back, this time with a political song titled “2021”. 2021, a song that does not appear to favour any political party, talks about next year and what we want to achieve individually. The song also talks about unity, love and peace among Zambians. The song feature President Alex Muliokela […]

Apostle Mayambu Calls On Zambians To  Seek God’s Forgiveness Of Sins Through 7 Days of Prayer, Fasting and National Repentance 

Battle Cry for Zambia (BCZ) founder Apostle Dr. Obrian Mayambu has declared 7(seven) days of Prayer,Fasting and Repentance for the country. The Prayer and Fasting exercise will run from the 1st to 7th October, 2020. Apostle Dr. Mayambu said Praying and Fasting was a way of requesting GOD to have mercy and forgiveness for the […]

Ban Jehovah’s Witnesses-Cosmo Mumba

  _Lusaka, Zambia!_ National Revolution Party President Cozmo Mumba has called for the ban and deregistration of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Zambia for being antagonistic with the laws of the land. Rev. Dr. Mumba says it is illogical to for the Church to continue existing in Zambia if it cannot allow it’s members to take […]

Mufulira District PF Welcomes Calls For Members To Stop Making Huge Pledges Without Fulfiling

STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MUFULIRA DISTRICT PF WELCOMES CALL FOR MEMBERS TO STOP MAKING HUGE PLEDGES WITHOUT FULFILLING Mufulira…Monday September 28, 2020 As PF Mufurila District, we wish to welcome the timely advice from our Provincial Chairman, MCC Nathan Chanda over members who are making huge sums of pledges and are not fulfilling them. We […]

Privatisatiin Enquiry Misplaced Priority For Political Deception

1ST OCTOBER, 2020 —- As Movement for National Transformation (MNT) , We have carefully, with keen interest, observed the Advocacy of Setting up a Commission of Enquiry for Privatisation. We have as a Party, utmost respect for the fundamental rights of All Citizens to Freedoms of; Conscience, Religion, Association, and Expression. Selective application of these […]


  It is a blessing to be the 7th president of Zambia; 7 is a very significant number in the spiritual realm. 7 means complete, may you complete all the work that lays ahead of your tenure of office. 7 means accomplishment, may you accomplish so much in your tenure of office. 7 also means […]


September 29, 2020   The UPND and other opposition political parties’ election rigging claims should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve by all -patriotic citizens. We are alive to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)’s conduct of transparent, free and fair elections, and at no-time have they colluded with the ruling PF to manipulate […]

Lungu Is A Selfless Leader

September 26, 2020 Zambian DNA has noted that many opposition leaders who are aspiring for the highest office in the land have nothing to offer except the desire to hold such a lofty position and to enrich themselves if given a chance to govern. Given the trappings of the highest office in the land, many […]

Vespers life worth K500 000? DAMN!!!

  So, Vespers Shimunzhila’s precious life is worth K500 000? That is an insult and we are sure that the young beauty is turning in her grave because injustice has won. Just the other day, the State compensated the family of the late Vespers with a measly K500 000 ($25,000), money that is less than […]