Do Air Conditioners Take In Air From Outside?

Do Air Conditioners Take In Air From Outside?

Many people are concerned about how air conditioners work especially that the air outside is polluted from smoke and the vehicle exhausts.  

Some believe that air conditioners take in air from outside while others don’t.  

But the question we will be answering in this article is, do air conditioners take in air from outside?  

 do air conditioners take in air from outside?

The answer to that question depends on the type of air conditioner you are talking about, some units of course do pull air from outside for fast and efficient cooling. 

 On the other hand, other units never pull air from outside but use the air from within the room to bring about cooling. 

In the next section, we’ll see how the two types of air conditioners work. One which uses the air from within the room and the other that draws air from outside to cool the inside of the room.  

The two types of air conditioners include the window air conditioner and the portable dual exhaust air conditioner.  

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Does A Window Air Conditioner Pull Air From Outside? 

The short answer is no. A window air conditioner does not pull air from outside. This type of air conditioner uses the air within the room to bring about cooling. 

It might seem like a complicated process but is it absolutely not when we break it down. So, in simple terms, this is how a window air conditioner work; 

  1. It draws air from within the room.
  1. Filters the air through the air conditioner’s air filters .
  1. Then this air passes around the coils having the refrigerant.
  1. Heat then transfers from the air to coils having the refrigerant and the heat expels through the exhaust hose 
  1. The cooled air recirculates back into the room. 

So that is how a window AC works. We can see that it is a closed system. So then why do many people believe that a window AC does pull air from outside? 

When the air conditioner continuously draws air from within a room and cools it, It creates a negative-like air pressure.

As a result, air from outside will be drawn into the room through room openings including under door spaces or the air vents.  

This cycle will continue, and the air conditioner will continue working to cool down the new air that is coming from the outside.  

That is why we consider window air conditioners as less efficient that the dual exhaust air conditioners.  

In the next section we shall see be looking at how dual exhaust aircons work. 

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Does a Window air conditioner take in air from outside

So Where Do Portable Dual Exhaust Hose ACs Pull Air From 

Dual exhaust hose air conditioners pull air from outside. These type of air conditioners come with two exhausts. One for expelling the excess heat while the other one for pulling air from outside. 

Luckily, the air that comes from outside is purified by the air conditioner’s filters before been circulated into the room.

So, the air that comes in the room is as safe as the air that is recirculated by a single hose air conditioner. 

A dual hose air conditioner does not create negative air pressure inside the room. it keeps the balance by bringing in air from outside. Thus, we consider these type of air conditioners as more efficient then there counterparts.