Statement On Govt’s Recently Announced Austerity Measures

May 30, 2019 Zambian DNA commends Government for the recently announced austerity measures meant to prudently manage the country’s meagre resources and stabilize the economy. Indeed, President Lungu has demonstrated the political will in tackling head- on the country’s economic woes. The austerity measures, which include reduced government spending, and procurement of goods and services […]

Statement On HH’s Double Standards On The Judiciary

May 29, 2019 Zambian DNA has noted that the Court’s decision on Sesheke election petition proves that the judiciary is independent from the executive arm of Government. It’s unfortunate that UPND‘s Hakainde Hichilema often attacks the judiciary whenever the Courts do not rule in his Party‘s favour. The UPND leader has this time around exhibited […]

Statement On Pres. Lungu’s Tacit Commitment To Improve Zambians’ Welfare

May 20, 2019  Whilst President Edgar Lungu is on the duty of duty and busy resolving issues affecting Zambians, some Opposition political party leaders, in an alliance with some media outlets, are peddling falsehoods against the Head of State in a futile attempt to pull him down. Indeed, President Lungu’s recent decision to disengage Konkola […]

Statement On President Lungu’s Decision To Disengage KCM

May 18, 2019 Zambian DNA commends President Edgar Lungu for his decisive action to protect the country’s interests by disengaging the beleaguered Konkola Copper Mines (KCM). We are elated that President Lungu announced the decision to disengage Vedanta Resources, the investor in KCM after holding consultative meetings with various stakeholders. Further, the Head of State’s […]

Statement On Govt’s Decision To Save Jobs At KCM And Mopani

Zambian DNA commends Government’s decisive action to protect jobs at KCM and Mopani Copper Mines. Indeed, it is unacceptable for the mining firms to continue arm-twisting government with threats of job losses to force them to give in to their demands. It is also unfortunate that the mining firms are using the new tax regime […]

Statement On Govt’s Move To Slash School Fees

Zambian DNA commends Government for slashing fees in both public secondary schools and Colleges of Education as many citizens would access education. The Ministry of Education ‘s recently announced reduction of user fees by over 65 percent is a signal of a caring Government that seeks to have many Zambians access quality education. Indeed, high […]

Statement On UPND MPs Who Have Shunned The National Dialogue Forum

May 6, 2019 The United Party for National Development (UPND) Members of Parliament (MPs) have betrayed their electorate in their respective constituencies for shunning the National Dialogue Forum (NDF). As a matter of fact, MPs are elected to represent their respective constituencies in Parliament and at other national fora. However, UPND MPs’ decision to shun […]

Statement On World Press Freedom Day

May 3, 2019 Zambian DNA joins the rest of the world in cerebrating this year’s World Press Freedom Day which is commemorated under the theme, ‘Media for democracy: Journalism and elections in times of disinformation.’ We strongly believe in the freedom of the media as it plays a critical role in informing, educating and entertaining […]

Statement On The Attack On NDC’s Chishimba Kambwili

Zambian DNA condemns the attack on NDC’s Chishimba Kambwili during a live Radio programme recently in Kabwe. Zambia has no place and space for thuggery and political violence as it is a democracy that guarantees both the freedom of expression and the media. However, freedom of expression and media should not be abused by violating […]

All PF Members Should Be Loyal To The President And The Party

The Zambian DNA has noted with dismay how some elements within the PF are funning chaos, disregarding laid down procedure when expressing their grievances. It is unfortunate that such a cartel which is working against President Edgar Lungu and destabilizing the party has emerged. However, the emotional outburst against President Lungu and the party is […]