Zambian Man Tells Court His Wife Charges Him For Sex

How much does sex in marriage cost? This question begged an answer in a Bulangililo Local Court when a 40-year-old man testified that his wife demands to be paid each time he asked to have sex with her. Everisto Mwansa, 35, of Bulangililo Township complained that his wife started charging him for sex after he […]

Mai guru walks out of marriage

A WOMAN of Lusaka has backtracked on her earlier claim of reconciliation opting for divorce after it transpired in court that her husband has since married his long-time girlfriend. Orland Mulenga, 34, of SOS in Lusaka, told the Boma Local Court that she is not ready to be in a polygamous marriage. She was testifying […]

Landlord, Tenant Affair Kills Marriage

A CALL by a concerned neighbour that Royd Kamisa’s wife was sleeping with their late landlord was the beginning of the end of a 13 year old marriage. Kamisa, 38, said he was disturbed to discover that his wife, Getrude Daka, 33, was having an affair with his landlord and he had not known about […]

Violent Wife Shown Exit Door, Ordered To Keep Child

IN a fit of rage, a 29 year old woman allegedly bites her husband because he denies her conjugal rights. Ethel Mwape told the Matero Local Court that Moses Musonda, 29, refuses to sleep with her for unknown reasons and she responds angrily by biting him. Testifying in a case in which her husband has […]

Hubby Dumped For Failing To Meet Sexual Needs

A THIRTY-FIVE-YEAROLD man of Mandevu has been dumped for failure to live up to his wife’s demands for sex. Patrick Mulela told the Matero local court that his wife, Febbie Mulela, 27, told him that she cannot stay for two days without sex. He said she has lost interest in him because he fails to […]

Facebook Post Costs Hubby

Facebook Post Costs Hubby

A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Chaisa Township had a shock of her life when she discovered on Facebook that her husband had two children outside marriage. Masialeti Maimbolwa, 35, told the Matero local court that one day she came across a posting her husband, Munalula Kabongo, made on Facebook showing him and a child and when […]

Am I The Fool For Asking My Wife To Abort?

My wife and I (both mid 30s) have been happily married for nine years. We don’t have any kids and don’t want kids. We had the “what if” talk before getting married; she told me she would want to have an abortion if she ever got pregnant. Yesterday my wife told me she’s nine weeks […]

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