How To Heat A Screened Porch

How To Heat A Screened Porch

Want to learn more about how to heat a screened porch? A screened in porch provides great indoor comfort with exterior views beyond what windows can offer. However, you may not enjoy your time in your porch all year round because of the freezing weather that comes with winter. Luckily, there are many ways you can warm up your porch so that you can continue dining there or spending time with your friends or guests. 

In this article our focus will be on how you can heat up your screened porch in the winter. 

What Is The Best Way To Heat A Screened Porch?

The best ways to heat a screened porch is to use Infrared electric heaters. They come in 3 types,  freestanding, wall-mounted and ceiling suspended.  

These electric heaters utilize the radiant heat technology which is very efficient and more effective than the traditional electric heaters. As this technology advances, we have seen the cost of these heaters go down and their effectiveness improve. 

The infrared technology might seem very complicated, but it is a straightforward especially if we say it in simpler terms. So, how do these heaters work? They work by emitting a precise beam of heat that warms you directly by throwing out a steady stream of heat particles. These heaters are safer than conventional heaters and they come with several advantages which are outlined below 

(1) They provide fast heating. Unlike their counterparts, you don’t have to wait to warm up when you step in from the cold. The heat is directed at your body and objects unlike ordinary heaters that first start by heating the surrounding air. 

(2) They are quieter. These heaters don’t need fans to circulate the warm air around your screened porch. They work by just radiating heat. 

So, infrared heaters are wonderful way to warm up your screened-in porch but there are other ways you can use to heat up your porch that we are going to look at in the next section of this article. 

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Other Ways To Heat A Screened-in Porch

1.) Tabletop Heaters:  These are perfect for you especially for sitting around together with other people because they provide 360 degrees all round heat. They work best when you place them on the center table.  But don’t expect these heaters to heat up the whole room, they have a lower heat output compared to other heaters. 

So, if you just want to use your porch for sitting gatherings then these type of heaters are a great choice. 

2.) Free standing heaters These look like tall standing lamps but are different from lamps in that they come with a heating system inside. They are usually around 6ft tall and with a reflective plate on top. The electric version of these heaters doesn’t put out as much heat as the propane version, so they are usually ideal for small areas. 

3.) Firepits (also known as natural gas features.  Although these are not normally recommended for indoor heating, you may want to consider tabletop fire bowls or table firepits 

4 floor heating; expensive but a long time solution.  installing a radiant heating for the floor will warm up your porch gradually after heating the floor first. But be sure to call a professional to come and help with this job. 

5) Install outdoor fireplace. These are a little bit expensive but a long term rewarding one. And you don’t have to worry about smoke because they have chimneys. But hey, don’t forget to check the local laws regarding woodfire bans. And if there any laws restricting the use of wood fire, you may want to consider getting an electric fireplace. 

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Final Thought

There are a number of ways you can use to heat your screened porch.  But there are factors that you need to consider before finally choosing the method that you will use for heating. These factors include 

Size of your porch, the celling height, the ventilation that is there (especially if you are thinking of using a propane heater) and also the placement of your heater. Firepits need at least 3-feet from any sort of wall, window, doors, or screens. 

I hope this article has been helpful to you in one way or another.