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By Editor on January 19, 2012.

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested three men in connection with causing the death of their colleague over nshima.
Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela said the body of the deceased, only identified by his nickname ‘Chipata’, was found in a toilet at Soweto Market around 06:00 hours on Monday .
Ms Kanjela said Chipata, aged between 30 and 35, is suspected to have collapsed after an alleged fight with the trio over nshima the previous day.
She identified the suspects as Malizani Mbande, Maliseni Mumba, and Geoffrey Sinyoko, all of Chawama township.
“The suspects have not yet been charged as we are waiting for a postmortem report,” Ms Kanjela said.
Meanwhile, two people died in separate road traffic accidents in Mongu and Kasama on Monday.
Ms Kanjela said in the Kasama accident, a 51-year-old woman identified as Hilda Chola died on the spot when the vehicle she was travelling in overturned.
The accident happened when a Leyland truck registration number AAA 3554 laden with fertiliser developed a fault while descending a hill and in the process the driver lost control, causing the vehicle to overturn twice.
Five other passengers sustained serious injuries.
The driver was identified as Peter Mubanga of Mbala. The injured have been admitted to Mbala District Hospital while the body of the deceased is in the mortuary at the same hospital.
In Mongu, a 12-year-old boy died on the spot after he was hit by a Toyota Sprinter as he was crossing the road.
Ms Kanjela identified the driver as Samalele Singwandi.

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