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MAN, 19, BATTERED To Death By His 'RIVAL' Over A GIRL

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By Editor on January 19, 2012.

A NINETEEN-YEAR-OLD man of Chibombo in Central Province has allegedly been battered to death by his rival over a 17-year-old girlfriend.
The two young men clashed on Monday night each claiming the girl and a vicious fight ensued, resulting in the death.
Central Province police commanding officer Solomon Jere told the Daily Mail yesterday in a telephone interview that the two rivals of Kalubangwe village in Chibombo fought in the presence of the girl.
“We have a murder case involving two young men aged 19 who were fighting over a girl. It’s like this girl was double-crossing them and when they both went to see her, they met and a fight started,” Dr Jere told the Daily Mail.
Dr Jere said preliminary investigations have revealed that the survivor, Dennis Moonga, and the deceased, Steward Mwiinga, also 19, viciously fought to prove their ‘love and strength’ for the girl.
Dr Jere said even when the deceased gave up and conceded defeat, his rival, however, continued pounding him until he died.
“With the desire to impress the girl, the young men were exchanging hard punches but one lost the fight. His enraged opponent continued to brutally beat him up,” Dr Jere said.
The Central Province police chief said Moonga has been arrested and is in police custody.
He said the girl, who the duo was fighting over, is the key witness in the murder case which is likely to commence soon.
Meanwhile, police in Mumbwa have arrested a Bayport employee and two of his colleagues in connection with theft of K100 million meant for Bayport clients in the district.
Dr Jere said the suspects are Mutale Mulenga, Stevenson Musonda and Daniel Mhango.

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