Quiet Shop Vac: Top 8 Quietest Models For Workshop Or Jobsite

Last Updated: September 7, 2021

A quiet shop vac is a tool that is designed to clean your workshop, garage, or job site without causing any noisy pollution and therefore reducing the risk of hearing loss. 

quiet shop vac

A shop vacuum cleaner is an essential tool for quickly and efficiently cleaning up any messes your shop or jobsite will throw at you.

They are designed especially for heavy duty jobs such as cleaning pieces of scrap metal or saw dust. They tackle jobs that cannot be achieved by a household vacuum cleaner. 

What Is The Quietest Shop Vac?

The Festool 583492 CT 26 Is the quietest shop vac on the market. After doing our extensive research, we can confidently recommend this unit as the top quiet model.

In the guide below, we have looked at the 8 best quiet shop vac in details.  Continue to read about all our 8 top picks.

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8 Best Quiet Shop Vacs

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Festool 583492 CT 26 62 decibels(dB) noise level
Automatic tool start/stop 
 Water level sensor 
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backpac  Fein Turbo I Wet/Dry Dust Extractor Quieter 67decibels (dB
151 CFM flow rate 
8.4-gallon tank capacity
98.4” water lift 
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backpac Makita VC4710 Wet/Dry Dust Extractor .59 decibels (dB) noise
135 CFM suction power 
Weighs 27 lbs. 
840 Watts 
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backpac Vacmaster VWM510 74 decibels sound levels 
25 pounds weight 
2 years warranty 
20-feet cord
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backpac DeWALT DXV10P Waterproof switch 
10-Gallon Capacity 
20-ft power cord 
Buit in tank drain 
5.5 peak horsepower motor 
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backpac Shop-Vac 5801611 16-gallon tank 
20-feet power cord 
8-feet suction hose 
On board tool compartment
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cordlessblower Festool 575280 CT SYS HEPA 67 decibels (dB) 
1000 watts
Shoulder strap 
3 years, fetool service warranty 
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cordlessblower CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17596 20-gallon capacity Tank 
6.5 peak horsepower 
20-feet cord length 

7-feet hose length
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Things To Look For Before Getting A Shop Vacuum Cleaner

Noise levels

Most manufacturers indicate the sound levels of their units. Quieter vacuums are rate around 60 to around 75 decibels. That is considered as the sample levels from a normal office conversation. 

Tank size/capacity

For bigger jobs and spaces, you will need a bigger tank size or capacity. Small tank sizes will mean frequent emptying of the tank which can be sometimes inconveniencing when you are in the middle of cleaning. They come in the following sizes 

  • Small: 2-6 gallon  
  • Medium:6-18 gallon 
  • Large:18-24 gallon 

If you are planning to use the vacuum for a smaller workshop or space, small-medium size tank should be big enough to serve you. 

Hose diameter

 The diameter of the hose will  determine they type of debris which will be collected. The 2½” diameter is best for shops whilst 1½” diameter is recommended for medium size debris. The smallest diameter which is 1¼” is best for fine debris or domestic cleaning.

Length of Power cord 

Longer power cords provide the convenience of cleaning further away from the plug. So, you won’t have to start looking for another nearby socket.

This important especially if your shop or space is big. However longer cords will also need more storage space. 

CFM (Cubic feet per minute) and Power

 The higher the CFM the better. CFM indicates the volume of air the vacuum can suck up per minute. This is especially useful for saw dust and other finer debris. 

Power rating is particularly important. Powerful shop vacuum cleaners have motor rating of 5 peak horsepower or above. 

Top 8 Quietest Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

1. Our Top Pick Is Festool 583492 CT 26


Our top pick is Festool 583492 CT 26. The noise levels for this model are rated at 62 decibels dB which is incredibly low.  

It comes with a 11-½ ft long antistatic flexible hose which will reduce shock hazards and static cling. 

It features automatic tool power point; When you turn on your connected power tool, the unit will also turn on and when you turn your tool off, this dust extractor will still run for a few seconds to clear the hose then turn off.

This unit also has an adjustable suction with an infinitely variable suction force so it can be used wet or dry. 

The large wheels coupled with ergonomically balanced makes it easy to move the unit around your shop or jobsite without any difficulties.

It comes with one primary HEPA filter which is flat and compact in design and is positioned just above the collection area to give you maximum capacity. 


  • Large Wheels 
  • Automatic tool start/stop 
  • Anti-static and Flexible hose 
  • Self-cleaning filter bag 
  • Bluetooth functionality 
  • 6.9-gallon dust extractor 
  • HEPA filters 
  • Air flow speed 
  • Water level sensor 

2. Fein Turbo I Wet/Dry Dust Extractor 


This Germany designed dust extractor is quieter than traditional shop vacs. It has sound levels of 67 decibels (dB).  

It comes with an integrated power tool socket for automatic switching on and off. In addition to that, it is remarkably effective at collecting dust when attached to power tools. 

So, with the automatic power point, the dust collector will switch on and will turn itself off when you turn off your power tool. 

If comes with 151 air flow rates for highly enhanced air flow to pull up everything. It comes with large wheels that spin 360 degrees ensuring easy movement in your shop or job site. 

The 8.4-gallon dust extractor boasts of 13ft hose and 19.4 inches of water lift. 


  • 98.4” water lift 
  • 151 CFM flow rate 
  • 19-feet power code and 13-feet vacuum hose 
  • Auto start outlet 
  • Quieter 67decibels (dB)  
  • 8.4-gallon tank capacity 

3. Makita VC4710 Wet/Dry Dust Extractor



The Makita VC4710 comes with a powerful 12AM motor that generates 135 CFM of suction power with an airlift of 92 inches. The shop vacuum features an on-board tool-activated power socket which starts and stops vacuum when you start or turn off your power tool and has a 10s delay to clear up any debris in the hose. 

The motor chamber of this unit is built with sound-absorbing material so the operation of the unit is quite with 9 decibels (dB) noise level. 

It comes with two small all round rotating wheels for easy maneuverability and two big fixed rear wheels. This unfit weights 27lbs and features 16 feet hose, to help you reach most of the corners of your workshop without moving your vacuum. 

This unit features two stage filtration system with pa primary nano filter that can capture 99.95% particles. The VC4710 comes with high power characterized by low weight and less operating noise at 72 decibels (dB). 

Key features 

  • 135 CFM suction power 
  • Dual filter blow-back design 
  • On-board automatic power tool outlet 
  • 59 decibels (dB) noise level 
  • Weighs 27 lbs. 
  • 840 Watts 
  • Automatic filter cleaning system 

4. Vacmaster VWM510 


The vacmaster 5-gallon wall mounted is a wet/dry vacuum considered perfect for its high performance and convenience. It is equipped with a 2-stage motor which is incredibly quiet yet powerful enough to tackle any job you may face at in your shop or garage. 

The unit comes with a remote control which allows the user to turn it on or off without having to walk up to the vacuum itself. 

This shop vac is equipped 11-feet hose and 20 power cord offering long cleaning reach without the inconvenience of trying to find power outlets. It also comes with blower functions for dust and debris. 

Other accessories that come with this vacuum include; 

  • Washable cartridge filter 
  • Noise diffuser 
  • Extension wands 
  • Round dust brush 

The unit is light weight, 27 pounds and noise level at 74 decibels (dB). 

Key features. 

  • 74 decibels sound levels 
  • 25 pounds weight 
  • 2 years warranty 
  • 20-feet cord  
  • 11-feet hose 
  • Comes with wall mount frame 
  • Easly converts to blower 
  • Portable 
  • 2-year warranty 

5. DeWALT DXV10P Quiet Poly Wet Dry Vacuum 


The DeWALT DXV10P features a quiet 2-stage pump, providing you cleaning without the danger of any hearing impairing loss. It is good for both wet materials and dry debris. 

Yellow in color, the vacuum shop cleaner is equipped with 5.5peak horsepower motor, providing you with enough suction for any workshop clean up or garage and a blower port. 

This unit is designed to be water resistant for safe and quick access. It comes with an accessory bag to get all your tools in one place. 

In addition to that, this unit comes with a 20-ft power cord, for longer reach. The wheels rotate in all direction for easy moment around your shop. The unit features built-in tank drain for easy draining of liquids collected during the cleaning process.  

Key features 

  • Waterproof switch 
  • 10-Gallon Capacity 
  • 20-ft power cord 
  • Buit in tank drain 
  • 5.5 peak horsepower motor 
  • All round rotation casters 
  • Wet/Dry and blow vacuum cleaner 

6. Shop-Vac 5801611 Wet Dry Vac 


This 20-gallon shop vac boasts a combined high performance with quiet operation. This is an essential tool for your workshops, jobsites, garages, and many others. 

Included in the system are the 8-feet-long suction horse, 20-feet power cord, 8-inch utility nozzle and a storage tool basket. The system features 150 CFM, 72 in. of water. 

It is also loaded with onboard accessory story compartment, and a power cord storage. Other accessories that come with this unit include; 

  • Tool storage basket 
  • Two extension wands 
  • 14” wet and dry nozzle 
  • 8” Utility nozzle 

The unit features a strong waste and debris collection system to tackle any messes your workshop or machine could produce. The unit comes with vacuum filters and features the SVX2 Motor Technology which is greater than the standard 6.5 peak horsepower motor system according to the manufacturer. 

This shop vac is geared to cleaning any type messes your work shop or jobsite can throw at you. 

Key features 

  • 16-gallon tank 
  • 20-feet power cord 
  • 8-feet suction hose 
  • On board tool compartment 
  • 150 CFM airflow 
  • 5-year limited warranty 

7. Festool 575280 CT SYS HEPA Dust Extractor 


The Festool 575280 CT SYS HEPA Dust Extractor is a small light weight and compact shop vacuum cleaner.  

The unit feature the power tool outlet, for tool triggered operation; when you switch on your tool, the vacuum also turns itself on and when you switch off, it will turn off itself with a delay to ensure the hose is cleared. 

It comes with a self-contained hose and cord storage. For easy mobility, the system also features a shoulder strap; you can carry the unit around while doing the cleaning. The sound levels for this unit are also low, 67 decibels (dB). This vacuum is small yet powerful and is suitable for carrying around. 

Key Features 

  • 67 decibels (dB) 
  • 1000 wattage 
  • 1 pound weight 
  • Anti-static design 
  • Shoulder strap 
  • Built in blower port 
  • 3 years, fetool service warranty 



This vacuum is powerful yet quite on operation. The wet dry vacuum is ideal for large clean ups around your shop or jobsite. With high power and capacity needs.  

The hose diameter is large. The unit comes with a 20-gallon taken, large enough to provide you with the convenience to cleanup up large messes without emptying the tank frequently. 

It has a built-in tank drain, so it is easy to drain any liquid collected during operation. This model is also equipped with a 7-feet hose and a built-in blower port. 

The 20-feet-long power cord that is included gives you the power to clean the furthest places from the power outlet. 

It features built in storage for the hose and accessories. It comes with a built-in blower port to allow for quick cleaning of grass.  

This shop vac is also equipped with a large built-in drain for the tank to empty the liquids quickly and easily. 

Key features 

  • 20-gallon capacity Tank 
  • 20 Feet power code  
  • 7-feet hose length 
  • Built in blower port 
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Built in tank drain 
  • 6.5 peak horsepower 
  • 20-feet cord length 

How To Quiet A Vacuum

In cases you already have a shop vac but that is nosy and you are trying to figure out how to make it quieter, here are some of the things you can do; 

  • Enclose your vacuum clean with sound proof material 
  • If you have noise cancelling headphones, use them when you are cleaning. 
  • Ensure that you properly and regularly clean the filters. The motor does not have to work extra hard to move air wen filters are clean. 
  • Use a diffuser to muffle your shop vacuum exhaust 


A quiet shop vac is designed to provide you with quick cleaning of your workshop or garage quietly or without noise. Before choosing what kind of vacuum cleaner you will get, it is helpful to consider factors such as CFM, wattage, noise level, airlift, and warranty. 

We hope this guide has been helpful, if you have any questions or contributions, leave it in the comments and will provide you with feedback. You might want to read another article I wrote on how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor.