Top 6 Quietest 20 Gallon Air Compressors

Top 6 Quietest 20 Gallon Air Compressors

Looking for the quietest 20 gallon air compressor for your shop or garage? Great, you are in the right place. After several hours of research, we have put together a list of the top rated quietest 20 gallon air compressor models on the market.

We have also highlighted some things to consider when buying a 20 gallon air compressor and what jobs you can do with this size of a compressor. 

Quick Overview of The Quietest 20 Gallon Air Compressor Models

Don’t have all the time to go through our whole guide? Don’t worry, below is an overview of our best quiet 20 gallon air compressor picks: 

  1. California Air Tools 20040CAD 4 hp 20 gallon Ultra Quiet
  2. Hulk 2 HP Quiet Portable Air Compressor
  3. Stealth 20 Gallon Ultra Quiet Air Compressor
  4. DEWALT DXCMPA1982054 20-Gallon Portable Air Compressor
  5. California Air Tools CAT-20015HPAD 20 Gallon Ultra Quiet
  6. WEN 2202T 15-Amp 20-Gallon Oil-Lubricated Air Air Compressor

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Best Quiet 20 Gallon Air Compressors Reviews

1. California Air Tools 20040CAD 4 hp 20 gallon Ultra Quiet

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The CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS 20040CAD  is an oil free air compressor which is one of the quietest air compressors on the market. This model is ideal for office, shop, garage, warehouse or home.

It is a 4.0 hp air compressor with noise levels of 75 decibels. At this sound levels, it is quieter than most other models of the same size.

It is equipped with 2.0 horsepower motors that run at 1680 RPM so there is less noise that is created when this unit is running and has less vibrations which means it creates less wear. 

This model features an oil free dual piston pump that has a long life span and high performance. It’s motor pumps are rated at minimum of 3000 hours (about 4 months) before servicing offering 30 percent more life before repair. 

Its large 20 gallon capacity steel tank is the right size for most locations. In addition to that, it is equipped with an automatic drain valve, so you won’t have to manually drain the air compressor tank.

With its timer, you can set the frequency for the automatic draining and also the duration. 


  • Sound levels rated at 75 Decibels
  • Oil-Free Pump for Less Maintenance & Costs
  • Powerful 4.0 Hp
  • 20 Gallon Steel Air Tank
  • Auto Drain Valve

2. Hulk 2 HP Quiet Portable Air Compressor

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With sound level at only 51 decibels, the HULK HP02P020SS is among the quietest portable air compressors on the market. The 2 HP portable air compressor is equipped with a 20 gallon air tank. It is engineered to deliver high air output power at the lowest noise level.

It is designed with heavy-gauge cylinders a and cylinder head for reliability and long life. Apart from that, it has an easy to use design interface.

When it comes to maintenance, this model doesn’t require frequent maintenance but provides faster recovery time. It’s 8 inch plastic wheels make it easier for you to transport and store


  • 20 gallon air tank
  • Low amps draw and solid copper windings for less wear and tear
  • Heavy-gauge steel cylinders
  • Cylinder head and valves for assured reliability and overall durability
  • Delivers maximum pressure of 125 PSI
  • Oil-free dual piston two cylinder pump

3. Stealth 20 Gallon Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

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Looking for a versatile air compressor to power your air tools? Then this is the perfect choice for you. This quiet air compressor has a heavy duty design with sound levels at only 68 decibels. At this sound level, you can conversate with colleagues while running the unit.

It’s 20 gallon air tank allows you to complete tasks that require continuous supply of air without breaking.

It features cold weather start so, be it in winter or extreme temperature, you won’t face any difficulties starting your machine. In addition to the cold start, it also comes with a low voltage start. This air compressor can power almost air tools including the following;

  • Cleaning tools
  • Framing Nailer
  • Die grinder
  • Angle grinder
  • Cut-off tool,
  • Impact wrenches,
  • Drill/hammers and many more

Its induction motors generate 1.8 horsepower and refilling of the air tank to capacity really is quick, about 70 seconds. It also features the 8 inch rubber wheels so moving it from one place to another is easy.


  • Operating noise levels @ only 68 decibels
  • Equipped with cold start and low voltage start.
  • Passes ETL certification.
  • Comes with reinforced wheels for easy mobility
  • Peak 150 PSI, 6 CFM @ 40 PSI and 5 CFM @ 90PSI

4. DEWALT DXCMPA1982054 20-Gallon Portable Air Compressor

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Need something very reliable and efficient? Then the Dewalt will deliver just that that. It is another quiet 20 gallon air compressor.

This is a single stage, oil lubricated air compressor. With sound levels at 78 decibels, you can comfortability run it in your shop or jobsite without disturbance. This compressor is equipped with pneumatic tires for easy mobility.

In addition to the tires, it also has a handle so you can easily transport it to any jobsite. It also features a dual voltage motor that can work on 120 volts and 240.

This unit will deliver 155 PSI max pressure that is good enough for tools that require longer supply of air and almost all the air tools you will need.

The air compressor also features an onboard control for quick operations such as the high flow regulator, pressure gauges, quick connect air outlet.

Other notable features that come with this include oil level sight glass, durable stainless steel reed valves and an easily accessible oil fill. This model is a is the perfect solution for a variety of tasks around the house and in the workshop.


  • Automotive style ball bearings
  • Designed with a high flow regulator
  • Comes with a 2 year pump warranty
  • Heavy duty dual voltage induction motor
  • 155 PSI max pressure

5. California Air Tools CAT-20015HPAD 20 Gallon Ultra Quiet

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With only 70 decibels of sound, this is an ultra- quiet 20 gallon air compressor by California air tools. The oil-free two stage air compressor is one of the quietest 1.5 horseshoer air compressor on the market. 

It is equipped with a high pressure 1.5 HP motor which runs at only 1750 RPM creating less noise and less wear. The unit also comes with wheel kits which makes it easy for you to move it around your shop or job site. 

The motor has a longer duty cycle, and which allows you to use it for longer continuous run times. On top of that, it’s Oil-Free Two-Stage Dual Piston Pump System is designed d for high performance and durability.  

This unit will reduce on the service period as its Oil-Free Dual Piston pump is designed to have a life cycle before wear of 3000 Plus hours. It is a versatile pump that you can use in a variety of temperatures (cold starts) and uneven terrains (no oil in the pump).  

This is a perfect choice if you are looking for something with High Pressure, High Air Flow, Less Service and Maintenance and ultra quiet. 


  • No load startups for easy startups in cold temperatures 
  • 20 galloon steel air tank 
  • Automatic Drain Valve has been designed to eliminate manually draining your air compressor air tank 

6. WEN 2202T 15-Amp 20-Gallon Oil-Lubricated Air Air Compressor

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The wen 20 gallon is a perfect companion for your shop or jobsite. This single stage air compressor can power a wide range or air tools including Nailers, staplers, spray guns and many other pneumatic tools.

This is an air compressor that you can depend on, it will tackle a variety of woodworking and painting needs.

It is designed with two rubber-footed legs and two wheels to provide maximum stability, preventing any chances of your compressor from tipping over during operation.

The unit provides a maximum of 135 PSI. It also features a maximum auto-shut down function that automatically turns the compressor off once it reaches its maximum PSI for safe and reliable compressing.

The compressor also boasts of air flow rate of 308 CFM at 90 PSI and 5.0 CFM at 40 PSI. On top of that, the unit features 2 pressure gauges, one that checks the internal presssure and anotherone that regualtes airflow rate


  • Reinforced steel tank
  • Delivers a maximum pressure of 135 PSI
  • 2 pressure gauges
  • Onboard handle for easy transportation around jobsite
  • 23 mm drain plug
  • Two year warranty
  • Provides air flow rates of 3.8 CFM at 90 PSI and 5.0 CFM at 40 PSI

What To Look For When Buying An Air Compressor

Sound levels.

If you are going for the best quietest 20 gallon air compressor the first thing you want to consider is the noise levels. Compressor with sound levels less than 80 decibels quieter. And if you want to make your compressor even quieter by sound proofing.

Even though gas powered air compressors are more powerful, they noisier than the ones that are electrically powered.


The is one of the most important factors to consider before choosing a compressor. CFM tells how fast an air compressor supplies air. If a tool needs air faster than the air compressor can supply, then you will need to break to wait for the compressor to catch up. Not that tank size does not necessary determine CFM.

Tank Size

While tank size sometimes matters, it is not always a deciding factor. A bigger tank may not be a substitute for a job that needs high volume of air.

On the other hand, a bigger tank will allow you to do some work continuously before the pressure inside drops and the pump kicks in to refill the tank.


While this is not always a factor, it is important. A higher max psi is better. Thisis so because it will allow a smaller tank to hold more air and perform like a bigger tank. For example, a 2 gallon tank at 150 psi, for can hold as much air as a 3-gallon tank at 100 psi.

Power Source

A compressor can either be electrical power or gas powered. gas powered air compressors are more power and are more ideal for heavy duty jobs. On the other hand, electrically powered gas compressors are less expensive and make lesser noise. However, these are suitable for performing smaller task.

Size of tank

The size of tank will determine the scope of work you will carry out with your air compressor. Some tools require supply of high volume of air for continuous jobs. In this case a larger tank will be ideal.

However, if you intend to use your compressor for quick bursts of air, then a smaller tank will be sufficient because it will drain much slowly.


Depending on the type of air compressor you want to get either gas or electrical, this affects the horsepower ratings.

Because a gas powered air compressor produces power through the combustion in its engine, you will need double the HP of an electrically powered air compressor on a gas powered air compressor to do the same amount of work.

So, if you are running an electric compressor at 5HP, you will need a gas power powered air compressor running at 10 Hp to produce the same amount.

Conclusion On The Quietest 20 Gallon Air Compressors

There are several 20 gallon air compressors on the market but choosing the quietest of them can be a challenging task.

We tried our best to gather only the best quiet 20 gallon air compressor models on the market so that when you are choosing, you can be confident that you are picking from a list of the best.

Still not decided on one you should buy? We recommend the CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS 20040CAD for the best quite overall and the Hulk 2 HP Quiet Portable Air Compressor for the quietest with sound level of 51 decibels.

Hope you find this guide helpful.