Top 6 Quietest 60 Gallon Air Compressor Models

Looking for the quietest 60 gallon air compressor on the market? You have come to the right place. After several hours of research, we have gathered and put together a list of the top rated quietest 60-gallon air compressor picks. 

In addition to that, we have also put together some tips things you should look for when buying an air compressor. If you don’t have much time to read the whole guide, don’t worry, we have put up a quick preview of our 6 top picks. 

quietest 60 gallon air compressor

Quick Overview Of The Quietest 60 Gallon Air Compressors

Below, are our 6 top picks of the best quiet 60-gallon air compressors on the market. 

  1. Quincy QT-54 Air Compressor – 5 HP, Single Phase
  2. California Air Tools CAT-60040CAD Ultra Quiet 60 Gal Compressor
  3. DeWalt DXCMV5076055 60 gallon 5 hp Two Stage Air Compressor
  4. Ingriso 2340L5-V 5hp 60 gal Two-Stage Compressor
  5. Campbell Hausfeld 60 Gallon Vertical 2 Stage Air Compressor
  6. Puma Industries PK-6060V Air Compressor

Best Quiet 60-Gallon Air Compressor Reviews

1. Quincy QT-54 60 Gallon Air Compressor

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The Quincy QT-54 by Quincy compressors is the quietest 60 gallon air compressor on the market. If you are looking for a compressor that will last for years, then this model is worth considering.

It is designed to be an efficient and high-performance quiet air compressor. This compressor has an incredible 30, 000 hours pump life rating, making is one of the most durable compressors on the market. This is a heavy-duty compressor which weighs 475 pounds. I 

With this model, you will get up to 175 PSI. While this compressor can be a little bit expensive upfront, it has absolutely the lowest cost of ownership. It has the lowest cost of operation. 


  • Item weight: 475 pounds 
  • Power Source: Electric 
  • Maximum power: 5 horsepower 
  • Voltage: 230 volts 
  • Tank capacity: 60 gallons, good for tasks that need continuous supply of pressure 

2. California Air Tools CAT-60040CAD

quietest air compresspr
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The California Air Tools 60040CAD is another quiet 60 gallon air compressor on the market. It is an oil free air compressor. This model is one of the quietest air compressors on the market with its sound levels at only 75 decibels. 

It features two 2.0 horsepower motors that run at 1680 rpm and because of that, they create less noise, and this raises the life span of the unit. Its motors have been designed to increase duty cycle and can run continuously for longer times. 

This air compressor also comes with a two-piston oil free pump that has a life cycle rating of 3000 hours before wear. That is, twice as much as the life cycle ratings of other similar compressors. 

Its versatile pump can be used in several weather conditions, extremely cold (cold starts) and terrains (doesn’t have oil in the pump). It’s large 60 gallon tank is perfect for your shop or garage or anyone looking for power, air flow and something with less service and quiet. 


  • Ultra-quiet, noise levels at only 75 decibels 
  • Oil free pump so, the compressor requires less servicing 
  • 60.0 gallon steel ASME air tank good for tasks that require continuous supply of air 
  • 10.60 CFM at 90 PSI and 12.60 CFM at 40 PSI 
  • 1 year warranty 

3. DeWalt DXCMV5076055 60 gallon 5 hp Two Stage Air Compressor

quietest 60 gallon air compressor
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DeWalt DXCMV5076055 is a two stage oil-lube compressor designed for tough jobsite tasks. It is an industrial performing compressor that can do more than one task at a time. 

 This air compressor features a heavy duty 5.0 horsepower electric motor. Besides that, it has a thermal overload protection that protects the motor from voltage fluctuations and also features a wire form belt guard that improves compressor cooling. 

It is equipped with a large capacity 60 gallon ASME tank for uninterrupted working on jobs that need continuous supply of air.  when it comes to pressure, it can deliver a maximum of 175 psi and can run a wide range of tools maintaining longer run times.  

This compressor is also equipped with a tank pressure gauge 

Key features 

  • Low pump RPM for longer life 
  • 230 Volt electric motor with Thermal Overload Protection 
  • Equipped with tank pressure gauge and on/off switch 
  • Wire form belt guard improves compressor cooling 
  • 2-year pump, 1 year all other parts warranty 

4. Ingriso 2340L5-V 5hp 60 gal Two-Stage Compressor

low noise air compressor
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In the fourth place, we have the Ingriso 2340L5-V 5hp 60 gal from the worlds renowned industrial innovator Ingersoll Rand. The is a versatile air compressor that is ideal for your garage, workshop or jobsite.

This compressor features auto start and auto stop pressure switch control. so, that makes it is easy to operate. On top on that it also features a belt guard that offers your protection.

You will not need to worry about regular servicing with all Season Select synthetic lubricant, this models provides you with 2000 hours (about 2 and a half months) of service before changeouts. Thus, the performance 4 times higher than that of petroleum based lubricants.

With its high pressure operation, up to 135 PSI, it is able to handle most of the demanding applications.

This unit features a 5 horsepower engine that delivers maximum operating pressure, perfect for paint sprayers, nail guns, sanders and ensuring that you complete all your tasks in less time.


  • Manual thermal overload
  • 5 horsepower
  • oil-lubricated single-stage
  • Manual overload protection
  • Belt guard for safety

5. Campbell Hausfeld 60 Gallon Air Compressor

quiet 60 gallon air compressor
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The Campbell Hausfeld 60 gallon is another multipurpose air compressor that can power a variety of tools for serious do-it-yourselfers or professional contractors. It comes with two wheels for easy mobility from any location to where you need it. 

This 3.7 horsepower vertical compressor can power a variety of tools including the following;

  • Paint spraying
  • Sanding
  • Inflation 
  • Grinding
  • Nailing
  • Bolting projects and many others

When is comes to pressure, it delivers a maximum of 175 psi, 7.6 SCFM at 90 psi, and 6.9 SCFM at 175 psi

It is equipped with 3. 7 Horsepower, heavy-duty induction motor. in addition, this unit features and oil lubricated two stage pump which increases the compressors life.  


  • 60 gallon air tank capacity 
  • 3.7 horsepower heavy duty induction motor 
  • Two stage lubricated oil pump 
  • 175 PSI max pressure 

6. Puma Industries PK-6060V Air Compressor

silent 60 gallon air compressor
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Our next pick is the single stage Puma Industries PK-6060V Air Compressor which comes with an oil lubricated cast-ion pump. It has steel wheels with ball bearings for easy mobility. This compressor is ideal for both professional and commercial works. 

The cost of running the compressor is low compared to other similar compressors on the market. The portable compressor also comes with a pressure regulator. On top of that is features a quick coupler for controlling pressure at the outlet valve. 


  • Capacity: 60 gallon steel air tank 
  • Maximum power 3 horsepower 
  • Maximum pressure: 135PSI 
  • Oil lubricated single-state cast ion pump 
  • Built in pressure regulator 
  • Steel wheels 

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What Can You Do With A 60 Gallon Air Compressor?

  1. Spray painting: You can use your air compressor for painting tasks. They can power air brushes to complete different painting activities faster than it would normally take if you were using the paint brush or rollers. 
  1. Pressure washing:  You can use air compressors to effectively clean surfaces or even greasy engines. With the compressed air, you can use the pressure cleaners or air blasters to clean your garage, pavement, degreasing the engine and many more. 
  1. Inflating:  Not only can air compressors be used to inflate the tires of vehicles, they can also be used to inflate all sorts or inflatables including airbeds, bicycle tires and balloons. So that way you can save on maintenance and repair costs. 
  1. Power air tools: Air compressors are also used to power air tools including nail guns, impact wrenches because it is cheaper. 

What Should You Look For When Buying An Air Compressor? 

1. Purpose

The is first thing you will look for is deciding the purpose of the compressor. Why do you need a quiet 60-gallon air compressor? This is the first question you want to ask yourself. Do you want to use it for your workshop or at home?  

There are different models of air compressors on the market, and they can carry out different tasks.  Knowing the main reason why you need an air compressor will help you pick just the right model. 

2. Noise Levels

  There are several 60 gallon air compressors on the market but if you want a compressor which is quiet in operation, you will need to consider their noise levels.

 Generally, air compressor with sound levels of 65 decibels or less are a lot quieter. Anything above that, are usually Louder in operation. 

3. PSi(Pounds Per Square Inch)

This is used for measuring the air pressure in the compressor. The compressor has a chamber where air is compressed. And the compressor has specific limit of air pressure. The pressurized air is what fuels other tools.

Some tools need a lower PSI while other need a higher PSi. So, if you want to run a tool like a nail gun, you will need an air compressor with a high  PSi. 

3. Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)

This is the measure of how much air can be produced per minute at a specific pressure. It is an important metric to consider. The higher the CFM the more air per the compressor is able to produce per minute. If you need a compressor to spray paint your home, you will need one with a higher CFM. However, a low CFM compressor will still be sufficient for impact tools such the ratchet or nail gun as these do not need continuous air pressure. 

4. Size Of Tank:

Tank is a chamber where the compressed air is stored.  If you need a compressor for completing continuous projects such as sandblasting or spray painting, then a larger tank capacity will be ideal. However, it be worth noting that a big tank does not necessarily mean greater power. 

5. Power Source

You can power Air compressors  either by powered by electricity or gas. Picking the one with a power source of your choice will depend on the purpose of your compressor and where you would like to use it.

Gas powered compressors are ideal for heavy duty tasks while electricity powered once are sufficient for DIY home requirements. And in terms of cost, electric powered compressors are generally cheaper to run and can run as long as there is electricity supply.

On the other hand, the gas power compressors are more portable and can be used even in areas where there is no electricity supply. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Air Compressors Need Maintenance? 

Yes they do! From time to time  you will need to service your air compressor to ensure that all its parts keep runinng properly but it is very easy to do so. You simply need to change the oil and the air filters. 

How Long Can An Air Compressor Run Continuously?

Yes, they can. Howver  this depends on the size of the compressor you have and the. Air compressors can run 24 hours are, 7 days a week.


Even though there is no such thing as ‘silent’ air compressor, we did our best to come up with only the highly rated quietest air compressors with a 60 gallon air tank capacity. So, when you are picking from the list, you can be confident that you are only picking from a list of the best models on the market.