Quietest Fireplace Blower: Top 5 Models

Are you looking for the quietest fireplace blower on the market? If so, then you are in the right place. A fireplace will generate the heat to warm up your living space, but a fireplace blower will help circulate the heat and provide warmth further into the home. 


In this guide, our focus is on the quiet fireplace blower fan. 

What is a fireplace blower?  

A Fireplace blower is a fan that is installed on the outside of a fireplace or in its interior but outside the firebox itself.  

This is how a fireplace blower fan works;

  1. It draws in air from the room into the fireplace so that fireplace can heat it.

2. The fireplace heats this air as it travels through it.

3. The heated air becomes warmer and the blower forces it out of the vent into the room.

4. So, the warmer air rises and settles in the upper part of the room.

5. Now the warmer air forces cooler air to go to the bottom of the room and pushes it towards the fireplace. 

6. Again, the fireplace blower draws in this cooler air into the fireplace. The process repeats and becomes a cycle.

However, it is worth noting that a fireplace blower does not increase the fireplace’s BTU output.  It simply increases the amount of airflow around the fireplace and the entire room ambient temperature. 

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What Is The Quietest Fireplace Blower Fan? 

AIRBLAZE T12, Universal Fireplace Blower Fan Kit


The AIRBLAZE T12, Universal Fireplace Blower Fan is the quietest blower fan on the market. It is a 10W fireplace blower that is designed to boost airflow coming from your fireplace. This unit is suitable for fireplaces with space underneath for blower installation. 

It’s noise levels are at 28 decibels. This level is considered way below the sound levels that come from a conversation of two people in an office. It uses a dc motor which is quieter and more efficient than the traditional ac motors. 

The system works by drawing in chilly air from the bottom vents and then this air gets heated through the fireplace. After that, the blower forces the warm air out of the top vent into the room. 

The unit comes in a standard size, good to replace other existing blowers found in various fireplaces including the Hearth Glo, Lennox and many more. 

This model comes with a digital screen (LCD) with humidity programming and a smart thermostat. This allows fan speeds to be controlled automatically to adjust to temperatures and humidity you have set. 

Other features that come with the system include eco-mode, fan failure alerts and timers. 

GFK-160A – GFK-160 Fireplace Blower Kit


The GFK-160A-GFK-160 Fireplace Blower Kit comes with a Variable Speed Control. It also features a magnetically mounting Base and a heat sensor that turns on when the fireplace heats up and turns off when the fireplace is switched off. 

It weighs 6 pounds with an airflow rate of 165 CFM.

The unit gets even quieter when you set it in the range of 75% to 80%. At this range, it can produce a good amount of heat and airflow. 

This model provides a low solution to help you save energy and distributes the warm air created by your fireplace into your room. 

The unit is compatible with various fireplace models so compatibly should not be an issue but make sure to check your fireplace user’s manual for more information. 

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Tjernlund 950-3306 Quiet Fireplace Blower Fan


The Tjernlund 950-3306 Quiet Fireplace Blower will evenly distribute heat around your room quietly. Be it heat from fireplaces or stoves; it will circulate it to wherever you want to enjoy it from. 

It is ultra-quiet (noise level at 1.4 sones) and easy to use; simply wire in or add a power cord and you are all set. It comes with a variable speed control giving you control to adjust the speed to your choice.  

It is 10 inch in size; small enough to fit on many fireplace units. It is a 25-watt unit and has an airflow rate of 75 CFM. 

VICOOL GFK-160 Fireplace Blower


This is a powerful yet quiet fireplace blower fan with an airflow of 160 CFM and 300 RPM. It is compatible with a wide range of fireplace models. 

This model from Vicscool is one of the most sought-after fireplace blower systems. It comes with a temperature switch sensor that turns on at approximately 120°F and shut off at approximately 90°F. 

The kit comes with a blower fan unit, rheostat & thermostat, 3-prong power cord, universal connecting wire installation instructions. The unit weighs 6.1 pounds. 

FBK-250 Fireplace Blower Kit 


Powerful but quiet, the FBK-250 Fireplace Blower Kit, is truly a model worth trying. With an average rating of 4.5 from users at the time of writing this guide, this model evenly distributes heat into your living space quietly providing you with the comfort that you deserve. 

It is a 35-watt unit that weighs 6.09 pounds. It has an airflow rate of 130 CFM and its manufacturer fireplaceBlowersOnline gives a 1-year comprehensive warranty on this unit. 

The kit comes with rheostat variable speed controller and thermostat.  Other features include galvanized mounting bracket, 3-prong power cord, noise reduction padding and installation instructions.

fireplace blower fan

Final Thought 

The above listed are the quietest fireplace blowers on the market. There are somethings that you need to consider before buying fireplace blower. These include, the size and type of the blower, the noise levels (although some manufacturers do not indicate the noise levels), the air flow rate.  

I hope the article has been helpful.  

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