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RENARD Says He Will Be Realistic About Zambia’s CHANCES

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By Editor on January 23, 2012.

Herve Renard says although he is a very ambitious coach he will be very realistic about his team’s chances at the on -going Africa Cup.

Speaking during a press briefing at Villa Cellotti in Bata on Sunday Renard said he would not select players on past record but would pick based on the best for a particular game.

Renard has been on cloud nine since the Chipolopolo beat a star studded Senegal 2-1 in their opening fixture on Saturday.

Zambia faces Libya on Wednesday in the second group game.

“I am not a dreamer in football, I am realistic. To be ambitious is important but we have to be realistic as well that doesn’t mean we don’t have ambitions,” said the Frenchman.

“Now people can continue to talk that is not my problem. Talk is not my problem some people are talking politics and argue a lot because they want to see a new person in an important position.”

He added: “I am not part of this game, my game is on the pitch.”

Renard heaped praised Collins Mbesuma on his positive attitude despite not making the line up in the opening game.

“I am honest with the players. If I think one player is not able to play, it doesn’t matter where he is coming from, what his name is…I told Collins Mbesuma that he will not play in the evening and he was one of the first players in the morning (Saturday) who set the tempo in the singing,” he said.


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