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RENARD Says "Victory Over Senegal NOT A Surprise"

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By Editor on January 23, 2012.

Herve Renard says the victory over Senegal was not a surprise to him.
In a post match press conference the Frenchman said the win was a result of hard work from his players.
“It is not a surprise for us it is a result of a lot of hard work. I started this work in 2008 unfortunately I left Zambia,” Renard said.
“Do you think that it is a surprise that Equatorial Guinea is hosting this tournament? For me it is not a surprise.”
The Frenchman singled Switzerland based striker Emmanuel Mayuka who turns up for Young Boys as the star performer on the night.
“This boy (Mayuka) started with me before he went to Europe. I know him perfectly and we knew we were able to do that,” he said.
“I think we had a very good first half we had our opportunities to score and knew we had to play behind their back because they have strong players.”
He added: “We were not able to play in the air that means we did the perfection. In the first half we missed a lot of opportunities to score but the most important thing was to win the game.”
Renard said, “”We were a bit lucky in the second half you (Senegal) touched the post today thanks to God he was with us today.”
The Chipolopolo beat the overrated Senegal 2-1 on Sunday night to ascend to the summit of Group A. Zambia plays Libya in four days time.

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