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SAD: Former UNZA Student and Mother Killled By Step Father

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By admin on February 12, 2024.

In Kalulushi, on the Copperbelt, a man, reportedly upset, lost his life along with his wife and 24-year-old stepdaughter who is also a former UNZA student in the School of Education following a tragic incident that unfolded after a marital dispute.

The couple, 46-year-old Maureen Lupiya and her 64-year-old husband, Kafula Mulenga, encountered heightened tension in their relationship. The situation escalated when Mulenga returned on Thursday night from what has been described as a week-long period of infidelity.

In response to Maureen expressing her disinterest in continuing the marriage, Mulenga, also known as “Mulenga Machine,” initially left but later returned with a container of petrol. He proceeded to lock himself inside the house with Maureen and her 24-year-old stepdaughter, Bertha Kasongo, who was in her final year at the University of Zambia.

Mulenga’s actions took a tragic turn as he poured petrol throughout the house and set it ablaze. Maureen lost her life in the fire, while Mulenga and Bertha managed to escape but suffered severe burns. Despite their efforts, both Mulenga and Bertha eventually succumbed to their injuries.

Before her passing at Kitwe Central Hospital, Bertha recounted the events, stating that Mulenga had locked the house, discarded the keys, and ignited the fire after spreading petrol. Bertha and Maureen had sustained significant burns by the time help arrived, despite Bertha’s desperate calls for assistance.

The funerals for Bertha and her mother are being held in M section Chamboli, Kitwe, while Mulenga’s funeral is taking place in Kalulushi. The community is grappling with the somber reality of this tragic incident, reflecting on the loss of three lives in these unfortunate circumstances.