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US$15,132 debt lands Kasanda in more legal trouble

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By admin on March 15, 2024.

ASIDE from having a lot of court case on his plate arising from the KKIA gold scandal, more court cases continue to pile up for businessman Shadreck Kasanda.
This time around, the businessman has been sued in the Lusaka High Court by Alumen Fabricators Limited for non payment of US$15,132 for aluminum windows, doors and glasses installed at his Ibex Hill Mansion.
The company is demanding payment of US$15,132 from Kasanda, which is the outstanding balance for the services that were rendered.
In its statement of claim Alumen Fabricators stated that it entered into a verbal agreement with Kasanda on January 18, 2021 for the installation of aluminum windows, doors and glass at his residence at an agreed sum of US$60,000.
It stated that despite executing numerous agreements with Kasanda to settle the outstanding balance, he has neglected, failed and refused to pay US$15,132 for the services rendered and completed works.
The plaintiff said Kasanda has been elusive and has wilfully neglected and failed to pay the balance due to it.
Alumen Fabricators wants the court to compel Kasanda to immediately pay it US$15,132 owed to it for the services rendered to Kasanda.
It is demanding interest on the amount due at the current bank lending rate from the date of filing the Court case until the date of payment.