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ZESCO Power Supply In Luapula Province Is A NUISANCE

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By Editor on January 18, 2012.

Dear Editor,
“I have learnt the shoddy supply of power in Luapula province by ZESCO with dismay. It is unbearable. To large extent we are experiencing power cuts 3/4 of a day or a day would go without power. This means that one can not put some food stuffs in the fridge. Besides, appliances like fridges in most cases gets damaged bringing about more costs. At times charging a phone becomes a hustle. Why can’t the ZESCO shift such shoddy power supply to places like Lusaka? The reason is simple,people in Lusaka can’t entertain such. The Usual & frequent ZESCO power cuts in Luapula particularly Samfya paralyses the operations in hospitals,schools and business institution. My appeal to ZESCO is that obey and work according to your motto ‘powering the nation’ not this partiality we are seeing in Luapula. Government also o help us please.

Concerned Citizen”

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